Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

June 2, 2008

Boycott Shmoycott

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Somebody explain it to me. My Mony’le was thrown out of university (Nu shoin, this happens in the best families) . And now he’s boycotting academics? It’s like me boycotting Finsbury Park Mosque. I don’t understand. And every day he is screaming about the boycott boycott boycott! It would be better if he would be allowed into a university first.

Oi, he is jumping around the living room with a big piece of white card. I said ‘Mony’le your face has gone purple. Put the down the card because I can see from here that your name isn’t on it. Calm down & have some home-made hamantaschen with caramelized almonds and cinnamon’.

I said, ‘Mony’le if you want to stop students reading books by a Sabra, then why do you read this Gilad Azmond all the time?’ I tell you Mony consults the work of this Azmond even more than I consult my Torah. He practices reciting it every single day! I am so confused. I said ‘Mony do you boycott if somebody used to live in Isroeel or only if they live there now? Explain!’

Because Yona at Golders Green bridge club, her cousin Isaac, his wife Rachel, her nephew David, he teaches books at Goldsmith college and Oi, he loves Isroeel. David LOVES Isroeel so much! And Yona told me he teaches his class to love Isroeel too. But I wonder why does Mony’le not wave his big white card at this David? I don’t want him to because I would never be able to face Yona at bridge, but still, I am confused.

And then I told Mony, ‘you know once they stop David, they may as well continue with tRance’le and with you. Because by now everyone knows that you were working for us all those years.

United Against Racism!

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