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December 15, 2008

Livni’s Final Solution for Christmas!

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Oy, I love our Tzipi’le as much I loved her father, Eitan.

She understands what “Come home for Christmas” is all about. It means that we, the Jewish people, will come back home to Gaza’le. And we will capture all these mishuggeneh islamofascist Hamasniks.

This is what Christmas means for us, a time to bring Hannuka to the arabs and let the goyim see the light through our candles. I hear some of the Gazans have even started eating grass, so I bet those shnorrors will appreciate a little firework display after such a long fast.

And you mustn’t think our Tzipi’le spends all her time playing with her collection of war paraphernalia! She’s also been looking at the problem of a million and a half too many Arab Israelis within our borders, and managed to work out a kleine final solution.

Nu shoin, she may even be the new Golda, with the koyach to get rid of all the remaining mishuggeneh muslims and restore Greater Israel to its biblical borders, just like the map etched on papa’le Eitan’s gravestone.

United Against the Goyim!

koyach (KOY-akh) – inner strength, the heart for something.

(mish-shug-uh) – crazy, nuts, insane.

(shnor-ror) – A begger; someone who always looking for a handout or a free ride; someone who’s continually sponging off others.

kleine – small

November 15, 2008

Wiki plays ball with our Rahm

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Oy gevalt, the meshugener goyim created such a plotz about our Benjamin’le’s innocent remark. They assumed that Rahm’s papale was saying that Obambi himself was only fit to clean the floors of the Blue and White House!

To keep the Arab street from kvetching, Rahm’le had to instruct our Wiki sayanim, Jayjg and Avraham to quickly remove Dr. Emanuel’s page from Wikipedia, and our boys at Google to sanitise the page from even the Google cache!

Luckily Auntie Shelomi made a snapshot of Dr. Benjamin’s original Wiki entry for her altar, or it would have been lost forever.

The WIZO ladies of Golders Green will be paying tribute to Dr. Benjamin and his heroic contribution to the creation of Israel tomorrow with a marathon baking session, with the winning babka to be couriered across the Atlantic first thing on Monday morning to our Benjamin’le in Illinois.

United Against the Goyim!

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