Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

December 6, 2008

Alex Widmer obituary: the Masada lives on!

Auntie joins together with everybody important in the whole world to say Kaddish for Alex Widmer, the knocker at that Beautiful Swiss Chalet otherwise known as the Julius Baer private bank. Like the Masada before him, he went bravely to his end.

Nisht do gedachet, maybe Widmer was overreacting a bissel to the Wikileaks expose and the coming disclosure of the tax evasion plan at the Cayman Islands which is likely to drag a few more million down the debt hole, but what’s a few more million?

Remember, his bank was the one that took care of the assets of our six million brothers and sisters who died in the Shoah, and I bet they didn’t make a penny on it!

They aren’t any schlockmeisters, and he was young, oi so young was our Alex’le.

– a fortress in the desert where Jews happened to commit suicide collectively, like lemmings
kaddish – like a requiem, but with no music and and no lyrics
knocker – head honcho
nisht do gedachet! – G-d Forbid!!
bissel – a little
Shoah – our great moment in history
shlockmeisters – con artists

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