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December 10, 2008

Is There No Business Like Shoa Business?

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Oy, it seems that the Goyim are not buying our Shoa shmaltz anymore. Our collective victim spiel is falling on deaf ears these days.

The recently launched the Holocaust musical, ‘Imagine This’, has come to a sad little end, and will close down before Christmas. It didn’t even last a whole month!

As much as I loved it, the mishuggah goyim did not like it at all. In fact they really hated it. Apparently they refused to buy tickets, not even for one Pound. If this is not crude anti-Semitism, what would you call it? Cultural arrogance?

The producer of the show, Beth Trachtenberg, has done the right thing by shooting the messenger, something our Sayanim have been doing for years, to great success. Putting the show’s failure down to hostile previews by anti-Semitics critics, she said: “Fundamentally I do not think the critics should be making a moral judgment over the subject matter.”

Indeed, these
no-goodnik critics should never make any judgment at all unless approved by a rabbi or the Israeli embassy.

Read the words of these Islamofascists in the midst of the British press and judge for yourself:
“They said it couldn’t be done, a musical about the Warsaw Ghetto. Now I’ve seen it, I know they were right.” The Guardian

” ‘Imagine This’ must be judged as a manipulative, morally dubious show.” The Daily Telegraph

“Could it get worse than Gone With The Wind? It just did.” The Independent

Oy gevalt, Imagine This: the next thing coming could be a ban on all Jewish productions, with Jews not even being permitted to mention the Shoah on stage!

These Holocaust-denying British critics have managed to create a shondah for the goyim.

United against another Shoah!

shoa – very much like genocide, but refers to Jews only

shmaltz cheesy

collective victim spiel Being Jewish

Christmas very much like Hanukkah, but entirely dedicated to commerce and goyisher fantasies

shondah –
a shame, a pity. A “shonda for the goyim” means to do something shameful, publicly witnessed by non-Jews, thus bringing shame upon Jews in general.

– A worthless piece of humanity. Someone who’s on the wrong side of the law, somebody with low morals, a trouble-maker.

mishuggah (mish-shug-uh) – crazy, nuts, loony-tunes, bats in the belfry.

November 12, 2008

It’s Shoah Time, Kinderlekh!

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Nu shoin, today has not been a good day.

It was enough already to be reminded of Kristallnacht this morning, when old Mrs Mendelsohn deliberately smashed her crystal glass in Blooms, just to bring home which day it was to the goyim at the next table.

But then having to read about the British government’s Shoa enthusiasm in the Times this afternoon!

Oy gevalt, every secondary school is to get a Shoa specialist. Apparently one teacher from every school will be offered the subject of Holocaust Studies.

On the one hand, it is so important to teach the goyim kinderlekh about the Shoa, to make sure that they grow up to be qualified Islamophobes. So that once they join the British army, they can punish Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, and with the help of G_d, even Iranians, for the crimes committed against us by the Nazis.

Oi ever, I really do not not like Shoa and scholarship getting mixed up together. For so many years, we managed to stop intellectual sheigetz from asking too many questions. But once we let them in, this may lead to a new Shoa.

We really can’t let the goyim start teaching our history. Oi ever, as long as they are learning about Bergen-Belzen rather than silly Waterloo and D-Day, they will keep fighting our wars.

It’s very important for the goyim to learn about Anti-Semitism, just to make sure that if ever they join the BNP, they’ll at least know why.

We must also make sure that if they read about our Mossad operative in the Blue and White House, and feel a tide of Anti-Semitism invading their souls, they will realise immediately that they aren’t all that original.

United Against Shoa Education!

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