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June 2, 2008

Boycott Shmoycott

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Somebody explain it to me. My Mony’le was thrown out of university (Nu shoin, this happens in the best families) . And now he’s boycotting academics? It’s like me boycotting Finsbury Park Mosque. I don’t understand. And every day he is screaming about the boycott boycott boycott! It would be better if he would be allowed into a university first.

Oi, he is jumping around the living room with a big piece of white card. I said ‘Mony’le your face has gone purple. Put the down the card because I can see from here that your name isn’t on it. Calm down & have some home-made hamantaschen with caramelized almonds and cinnamon’.

I said, ‘Mony’le if you want to stop students reading books by a Sabra, then why do you read this Gilad Azmond all the time?’ I tell you Mony consults the work of this Azmond even more than I consult my Torah. He practices reciting it every single day! I am so confused. I said ‘Mony do you boycott if somebody used to live in Isroeel or only if they live there now? Explain!’

Because Yona at Golders Green bridge club, her cousin Isaac, his wife Rachel, her nephew David, he teaches books at Goldsmith college and Oi, he loves Isroeel. David LOVES Isroeel so much! And Yona told me he teaches his class to love Isroeel too. But I wonder why does Mony’le not wave his big white card at this David? I don’t want him to because I would never be able to face Yona at bridge, but still, I am confused.

And then I told Mony, ‘you know once they stop David, they may as well continue with tRance’le and with you. Because by now everyone knows that you were working for us all those years.

United Against Racism!


  1. Auntie, my dear, don’t you realise? the Boycott is just another way to trick the Goyim …

    Our Sayanim and Engage are working together.

    Here is something you want to read:

    On 26.2 Debbie Fink, an ‘anti Zionist’ Jew commented on JSF’s site:

    here are her words:

    “One thing, apparently Hirsh offered support to Sue Blackwell when Atzmon threatened to sue her….Now, as this was done privately, he wouldn’t have done it to discredit her. It could be because they have a mutual enemy or again, he wanted to look like he was standing up for a principle….or he was mischief making…..

    On the other hand, maybe he is just a very mixed up guy……”

    If Fink is telling the truth here, then Sue Blackwell is just another Sayan like Mony and tRancie, In Yiiddish you call it ‘Sabbath Goy’, a gentile who serves Jews on Sabbath.

    However, when Debbie was confronted by Mony/Tony

    she answered:

    “I don’t lie. Maybe Sue doesn’t tell you everything….
    Deborah Fink “| 02.27.08 – 3:45 am | #

    Auntie, it is pretty conclusive!

    Our 3 Red Sayanim and Engage are one people operating as one company. This is pretty devastating to the few innocent Goyim who has been taking the boycott seriously for more than a while.

    Auntie, it will be very interesting to find out whether Blackwell accepted Israeli cash delivered by Sir David Hirsh of Enagae.


    Comment by Anonymous — June 2, 2008 @ 3:27 pm

  2. Auntie: you are a confused woman, but I am putting this to your age. There are younger persons who actually CAN remember back a few months.

    To clarify –
    Everyone but Zionists is willing and desirous to boycott Israeli products and this includes people who are employed in Israeli universities. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the fact is, it’s an issue that is quite complex and needs to be understood. It was discussed at large by Atzmon, who said that there is a big difference between boycotting an avocado and a book. Now, one can try to understand the meaning of this, and to realise that the issue is quite complex, and while we are advocating strangulation of Israeli economics and pressure on all of its institutions from A to Zed, we have to discuss the subtle issues about what a boycott does.

    Is it effective, is is useless, can it be done, etc. It needs and requires serious consideration.

    Rather than seriously engage in the problems that exist in academic boycotting, Tony goes for the “easy Kill”.. that is, if Atzmon says A, Tony has to say Zed. He doesn’t stop to reason, and this is why the boycott, when driven by him, is run by a motor that is going on coal. It put-puts for 10 metres, then stops dead.

    Tony’s bosom buddy Shraga Elam is different. He is totally against the boycott. His other bosom buddy Brian Robinson is against the boycott too and linked to Engage. So, one has to ask, why does Tony not bother with what his friends are saying, if they are the complete opposite of what he claims to support?

    Because the issue is not the boycott! The issue is the Pro-Palestinian movement in the UK as it is played out by Jews and former Israelis. The former Israelis who think Tony is right about Jews leading the Palestinians (Elam) are OK and those who say that the Jews leading them are trying to control things and should listen instead are anathema. So, the enemies are NOT (as Fink understood) Zionism or Israel, but Atzmon and those who are in his “camp”.

    It’s an old boys’ club! Now, can I call you a Mony’le groupie as Tony calls me an Atzmon Groupie??? (we women are a category apart).

    Comment by mary — June 2, 2008 @ 3:58 pm

  3. Mary:
    Tony’s bosom buddy Shraga Elam is different. He is totally against the boycott. His other bosom buddy Brian Robinson is against the boycott too and linked to Engage. So, one has to ask, why does Tony not bother with what his friends are saying, if they are the complete opposite of what he claims to support?

    Mary’le you know why,
    First, because Azmond is so popular and no one knows Hoilem and Robinzon

    Second, Mony’le is not an ideologist he is just a light weight Jewish ethnic campaigner in socialist disguise. He is searching for wars to fight because he thinks that once he finds one people will stop talking about the plastic and the chicken. But he is such a shlemazle. It is really the other way around. The more Zimes and Zures he brings up, the more he needs the protection of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

    I tell you Mary’le, he really loves this law, and i begged him so many times, “Mony’le meine kind, Kosher people do not need this law.”

    Nu shoin, what can you except me to do talking to him over a mashed karotifel und Borsht?

    Let me tell you something Mary’le. I think that Doivid Hirsh could have a very good argument here. I even thought to invite him for Schulent but he is too heavy and I was afraid that he would pass away here in my living room.

    Oi ever, If I were Doivid, i would go along with Mony and say, shoin Tony, let us block all the Isroeli academics, Ein Zvei Drai

    But then this would mean blocking all the ‘Good’ Israeli Arabs as well,

    I bet Mony’le wouldn’t like to do so,

    Then a question is left open, how should we differentiate between the ‘Good’ Arabs and the ‘Bad ‘Jews’

    I guess that the only way to do so is to boycott all the Israeli academics who happen to have a Jewish mother.

    I told Mony’le that this remind me too much of the Isroeli law of return…

    What do you say Mary’le , how you get out of the Zimes?

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — June 2, 2008 @ 5:22 pm

  4. Oi Anony, you make me so yappy. I always thought that this Schwartzeflugel was working for us.

    But I wonder why this Fink’le exposed her…I beg you all, stop burning our agents!!!

    We have only 2 Sayanim left and Azmond is far to expensive for us.

    The other day the Shmendrick Szmond he asked for 6 million shekels just for Mary’le Rizoiken’s mobile number.

    He is totaly mad this meshigine Jazzman.

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — June 2, 2008 @ 5:31 pm

  5. Mary’le I wish I could be a groupie for my Mony. I do, I wish, I prey. But as far as I’m aware, somebody actually has to *do something* in order to for groupie to then admire them for it. Am I wrong?

    If Mony’le one day writes a play or performs a dance on the stage I promise you I would be the first one there weeping with pride. I would toss rose petals at his feet. I would get a T Shirt with his little chubby face on the front.

    But as much as I am pained to admit it, my groupie potential is unfulfilled

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — June 3, 2008 @ 8:43 am

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