Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

November 5, 2008

Masel tov, Obambi, Goy of the Year!

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Congratulations… or should I say “Ponguezi”?

Today we are all Swahili!

Oi oi oi, my Obambi’le, you had all the WIZO ladies in tears last night.

We know you are good for the Jews. Let’s not forget how hard our Sarah Silverman worked to recruit some elders from Miami for you. And even our prominant zionist, Alan Darshowitz, stopped being a neocon and became your fan when he realised that you were going to win.

We always know on which side our bread is shmaltzed, and you are our man. Why should it matter if you were born in Kenya or Zululand or Congo or Hong Congo? For us, you are a mensch as long as you provide the cash and fight our wars.

Masel tov, my Obambi’le. I am spending the morning in my kitchen with Auntie Shelomi, and later we will be sending some kugel to the White House, for a nice change you can believe in!

United Against Racism!

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