Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

July 6, 2008

Oi vey! We are having a party!

I didn’t say anything to anybody because I don’t want any fuss, presents, flowers, cakes or cards – but yes I admit it, I admit it, it is my wedding anniversary coming on August 10th (23 Golders Green Crescent, London, NW11. The front door bell is broken – I keep telling him to fix it – but deliveries, can be left in the double-fronted garage).

I said to Mony’le, I said ‘Mony, my little Kneidlach, what music shall we have for the party? Should it be kletzma? Should it be sad violins’? He said ‘Auntie Ziona, I know the perfect song for us all to dance to! And there is a video film to go with it which we can project on the wall’ (us Jews we love projecting!)

Oi here it is, the most beautiful, funny song ever. I cant wait! We can hold hands & dance!

May 30, 2008

International Judaica

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Oi… some of our comrades asked where were Mony’le and tRanc’le in the May 1st Yiddish celebration we featured in the previous post…

Tzigale has just found this clip in the Jewish film archive at the Isroeli Embassy.

So here we proudly present the red Sayanim anthem as sung on every May 1st by Mony’le, tRanc’le and Potty, which for me is so inspiring…

United Against Racism!

Internationale in Yiddish

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This is the kind of YouTube clip that makes Auntie Ziona happy.

A clip that brings to light the entire truth about Jewish revolutionary social awareness and the struggle for true equality…

A clip that proves that we the Jews are at the forefront of the fight against racism…

A clip that proves that we the Jews are at the forefront for Palestine…

A clip that is there to show the world that as far as the ‘Internationale’ is concerned, we the Jews are the leading force…

We are young, we are sexy, we are the true proletarians and when I say ‘we’, I don’t mean just Mony’le and tRance’le, I include Potty’le as well…

Enrich your spirit and watch it here.

United Against Racism!

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