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April 30, 2008

Nazi Alert

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Wiesenthal Center releases list of most wanted Nazis

Mauthausen camp’s doctor Aribert Heim tops list of notorious suspects; Demjanjuk comes second

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United Against Racism

An Early Anti Zionist

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Oi Mony, wake up, I found another Schmuk for you to fight with.
His name is Mel Gib-Shoin.
He is an early anti Zionist, Jew-Hater Schmuk.
He is so sexy, he could be a film star!
We must stop him before he joins the PSC


April 28, 2008

I have another nephew, thanks G_d…

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This is my life, this is my family and this is my little shoa:
I have two nephews, one is Mony, yes, Mony Gripstein – you all know him by now. When he left the house thirty years ago, we all wanted to believe that he was about to become a new Trotsky, a kliene Lenin or even Rosen Luxemburg, but this never happened.
Time after time we had to pay good lawyers to make sure the noodnik wasn’t thrown into jail. With the help of G_d, we were always able to play the Rabbi Card, and the goyim, always so anxious not to be seen as anti-semitic, swallowed it already many times.

But I have a second nephew, his name is Yoni Cash, look at him, what a beautiful self-loving kid, a proud man. And no-one contacts me to complain about him. He never stole a credit card, nor did he stalk a young woman (yes, he has a certain fondness for handcuffs, but never used them for personal gain). He is an Shoimer Mitzvoth and about to become a Rabbi. Yoni Derech Zalecha – this clip you have to see!

After a short stay in America, where he attended two Seders, Michelangelo’s "David" returned to Italy…….

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April 25, 2008

Americe Americe

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These Americans are really crazy meshigines! This McDonald and Burger King affects their brains so badly that even chicken soup straight to the blood vessels wouldn’t save them in a million years.

They are now chasing Ben Ami Kadishs, and elder Zionist, for Spying for Israel 25 years ago. What is wrong with them? What do they think for themselves, that they can use our innocent Jewish wisdom without paying a little price? First they take the Jews to work for them because we are the most clever people around, but then once we take our thoughts home, they really get upset with us.

People should know by now that we really love to help the nations, and I mean all nations – black and white, yellow and pink. We even try to help Arabs, as long as they support democracy and Israel. Didn’t we help Tony Blair, giving him the right legal advice just before the onslaught on Iraq? Didn’t we help George Bush, teaching him how to fight terror? Didn’t we explain to the Americans how to make atomic bombs so they could win the big war and smash all these annoying Yaponim? We even taught the Germans in the 1st world war about chemical warfare so that they could gas the Antisemitic Russians. It was therefore really unfortunate that the German used our scientific wisdom against us two and a half decades later. Take it from Auntie Ziona, this is our problem, we all the time try to help the nations and to save humanity while asking for nothing in return.

However, just for the record, the Israeli government is now admitting that since 1985 there are no Jews spying in Americe. Thanks G_d for that.

To be honest, we do not really need spies in Americe anymore. For the last twenty years, the Americans are fighting our wars and paying our bills. They do it all willingly, we do not push them. We do not need Jonathan Pollard and Ben Ami Kadishs, we have now the Bush Family in our hands. We took over their White House without even sharing with them our secretive Gefilthe Fish recipes. They work for us because they know as we know that what is good for the Jews is good for humanity.

Together Against Racism

April 24, 2008

A Zionist Conspiracy to Wreck Wikipedia

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The Auntie Simones call it “conspiracy” but we call it a proper plan!!!

April 23, 2008

Oi Ken: Diss the Jooos, We’ll make you loose!

I am so happy with our Board of Deputies and their smear campaign against this Mayor Ken Livingstein. At the end of the day, it is us the Jewish people who suffered for at least 2000 years, it is down to us to decide who should run London and what is left of the British Empire. This Jew-hater Livingstein is an horrible man, a communist who wants to share everything, a multi-race apologist, a supporter of Palestine liberation and an Arab-lover in general . We should have destroyed him a long time ago.

Think about the congestion charge, what a dreadful anti-Semitic idea! It doesn’t make any sense to me that innocent Jews from Golders Green and Hendon, people who survived the Holocaust as well the Inquisition and the destruction of the temple should have to pay any money when driving into town. We are not like the apathetic English People who eat bacon and read the Sun, we are different from these Caribbean people who shake their booty in Notting Hill once a year. We, the Jewish people are real victims, with real scars and real agony to do with our real disastrous past.

Thanks God for our leaders and our people in media and academia who got together and decided to destroy this mayor Livingstein. If we want to run this country, we should first take its capital. Then we decide what to do with the rest. It has been done before. If our Americans brothers can do it, no reason why we shouldn’t give it a go.

But may I tell you the truth. Initially, I was slightly worried because of the Independent Jewish Voices. I was afraid that these Independent kosher Voices, who promised to defy the all voice of the Board of Deputies, would rush to rescue this Amalek Mayor Livingstein. But, guess what, they did nothing for the mayor. Nothing, nada, zilch! I tell you why, because even our Independent ‘vocal’ brothers and sisters know deep in their heart that what is good for the Jews is good for humanity. Maybe they ain’t that independent after all.

Together against Racism

April 22, 2008

Let’s keep it in the family (don’t tell the Goyim)!

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My sister from Hendon sent me this disgraceful front page article from the Independent : “Our reign of Terror, by the Israeli army” .

A convoluted piece of diatribe made by self-hater IDF soldiers who were so keen to tell the Goyim how horrible they feel about themselves. Oi vey, is all I have to say. Israeli soldiers admitting to behaving like Nazis is really the last thing we need on British press on a Sunday.

Believe me, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when I read these lines:

“He (the Israeli commander) put his weapon literally inside the (Palestinian) kid’s mouth. ‘Anyone gets close, I kill him. Don’t bug me. I kill. I have no mercy.’

Or these lines, my Got:

“We did all kinds of experiments to see who could do the best split in Abu Snena. We would put [Palestinians] against the wall, make like we were checking them, and ask them to spread their legs. Spread, spread, spread, it was a game to see who could do it best. Or we would check who can hold his breath for longest.

Nu shoin, this is not exactly gassing people or inquisition. But, let’s face it, it is not really nice to find out that the sons of Israel behave like Nazis.

I felt so angry with these anti-semite Israeli soldiers who insist on telling the truth without being asked. It is true, we do not have that much mercy for the Goyim in general and Arabs in particular, but why can’t we just keep it in the family? To go and tell it all to the Goyim is just insane. It is worse than committing suicide. I tell you, these solders are a bunch of Meshigines.

I was about to call for revenge, and even to suggest a date for crucifixion, which is exactly what we love to do to our self haters and meshigine traitors. But then guess what, I realised that I was so wrong. These Meshigine soldiers all fit nicely into the Zionist master plan. It is all subversive spiel that the Goyim wouldn’t understand in million years.

The trick here is so simple. As you can see, no more than half a dozen guilt-ridden Israeli platoons can save our entire tribe. The Goyim love us full of remorse. They loved to be fooled by our repentance. They love us confessing, because it allows them to love themselves.

Let’s face it, the Goyim do not love us at all. We cannot really blame them. They see through us, and they don’t like what they see. But as much as they detest us, they really cannot stand themselves being anti-Semites. As much as they hate us, they cannot stand themselves being racist bigots. And this is exactly where our Jewish self-haters come into play. All these Chopsky, and Finkelstoin and Shamir and Blankforce and Azmoned, and these IDF traitors in the Independent, they all come to serve one purpose. They make us, Jews, look like normal human beings. People who can sin from time to time, yet feel guilty and repentant about it all, and ask for redemption. Our self-haters make us all look like Christians, so that the Goyim can like us. Our self-haters help the Goyim handle their anti-Semitism.

Thus, we have to nourish our self-haters. They make the Jews look liberal and peaceful. We need our self-haters to be loud so that we can quietly build more settlements in the West bank, and cut the energy and food supply to Gaza. Just to make sure that these imperialist Palestinian terrorists stop this wave of terror against us.

United Against Racism!

April 21, 2008

I am Jewish!

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To calm ourselves down in these challenging times when the anti-Semites surround us from every angle, even within our very own IDF, we can always listen to the wise words from my favourite video clip:
I am Jewish….

April 19, 2008

Only a Goy can be such a fool

This Jimmy Cunter really learned his lesson in Heretz Isroel this week. He thought that because he was once President of America, he could tell the Jews what to do and how to do it.
I tell you, this anti-semite president Cunter lives in the past. Nowadays the American Presidents all know that it is the Jews who tell them what to do rather than the other way around. We are telling them what to do not because we are that clever or rich. It is just because we have a plan for this world. We always had a plan for humanity to offer while the Goyim have none. We invented almighty G_d, we invented the church, we came up with socialism and later with liberalism and even this Freud, who tells people what they think for real, was one of us.
Yes, there is one thing we didn’t invent, it is called Islam and you can all see what a mess it is. I tell you, if I never hear another word of Arabic in my life, it will be too soon! In our Jewish world we always know who are the baddies and who are the goodies. We always know who is Koisher and who are the devils. And guess what, we always know how to get others to fight the devils. We are a very simple act to follow. And most importantly, we are associated with wisdom and success, so people really like to be around us. Except this idiotic Jew-hater Jimmy Cunter.
Even this new joker Barak Obambi, who pretended to be a hard nut to crack, is now begging for us to tell him what to do. He even stood up against his Veteran president a day ago, denouncing him talking to those terrorists who plan to bring a new shoah on our innocent people in Isroel.
Look at this anti-semite Cunter, what is it that he wants? He says that he wants to bring peace and hope to the Middle East. If he was as clever as he claims to be, he would understand that our people’s hope doesn’t live in peace with anyone else’s hope. This Goy Jimmy believes that peace should be made by both parties. Let me tell you, only a Goy can be such a fool.We don’t believe in a dialogue. We believe in stick and carrot. We believe in lobbying, we believe in ourselves. We believe that our G_d will punish our enemies when we tell him to do so. Just because our G_d knows that if he fails to provide the goods, we can always dump him and invent a new one.

Together Against Racism!

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