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September 22, 2008

Auntie’s Open Letter to Paul McCartney

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Dear Sir Paul’le, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that we, the Jewish people are so happy you are coming to Tel Aviv to spread peace & love & vegetarian pop. Oi it is so beautiful!! Paul’le I have to admit I didn’t know your music very well before, because you don’t play much kletzmer & when you said things like ‘all you need is love’ I just didn’t relate to it at all. But now, even after you paid that horrible pirate woman for a divorce, I see it costs over NIS 500 (£100) to see you dancing singing live! Oi!!! I think u must be a very important man!

We, the Jewish People, who have suffered & schlepped more then anyone else in history, are profoundly regretful that we refused you entry to Israel all those years ago. Now we realise that your hit song, ‘The Fool on the Hill’, refers to Jesus Christ & the Sermon on the Mount, so we can all be friends again for peace & love & tofu – oi oi oi!

Now, Paul’le I would also like to apologise for all the letters you have been sent by these silly jewish lefties. I do hope that when you open these letters, while eating yr goyim breakfast with your new beautiful millionairess tzayzke who is 25 years younger than you, that their words don’t upset you too much. I suspect really Paul, that these little lefties think that by writing you a letter, they are somehow associated with your glory. It is sad but we have to admit it. This is why they like to fixate on celebrities like you & this meshigine sax man Galil Atzmoned, who I think you even played with once.

Have a wonderful concert my little Beetle!

Love Auntie Ziona XXX

p.s You know your friend John’s song : ‘Imagine no posessions. It’s easy if you try. Imagine there’s no Country, above us only sky.’ Well if you see one of the Palestinians you won’t have to imagine anymore. We made your dream come true!

I found some footage of you on youtube – you are very handsome boy! And you’re voice is not bad either.

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