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July 23, 2008

Cream of the Jewish Revolutionary Dance Contest

Oy vey, it is so exciting! My chuchem neighbour Tziga’le is filming the 60th annual Jewish Revolutionary Dance Contest, and Golders Green has come alive with the sound of music.

On every street corner they are selling delicious Jewish delicacies and for the children special battery-powered Stars of David which have a strobe light that keeps time with the rhythm.

So far the line-up is looking quite superb. The contest will continue through the next two weeks, and Auntie Ziona will keep you posted about the finalists and eventual winners of the all-expenses paid trip to Jerusalem for the Holocaust Slow Dancing Contest scheduled for later this year.

Some of the entrants from just this afternoon’s exciting array of dancers:

First we started with the Sayanim’s Can-Can, featuring the Shabbat Goy Sarah’le Blackwell, the UK Neocon, Doivid Hirsh, our Man at Wiki, tRance’le, Anti Defamatory Abe’le Foxman und my darling nephew, Shopy Liftenstein.

Then drawing a sharp in-breath from the gathered crowd, onto the stage came the glittering duo, Disco Stars Mrs ‘Rance’le und my delightful nephew Shopy’le again, representing “Jews Against Zionism” as well as the tzviene Bundist left.

This was followed by, for the first time in the history of the contest, the Sexy Self-Haters category, with Finkelsoin from Americe, Poipe from Extoyer, und Atzmoned from Londonistan. Together they ask what love is all about.

And showing us what happens in the magical midnight hours when the Goyim are sleeping and the Jews are having fun, Sexy Shabbat Goya mit Shop Liftenshtein.

And the grand finale for the romantics in the audience, Trance’le mit Lenni’le und soft lighting.

United Against Racism!

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