Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

January 2, 2009

Santa Strikes Back

Oy gevalt, the goyim are now bringing in the Santas against us!

Here we see a Father Christmas slinging stones, amongst the Islamofacist children of Gaza. Nu shoin, when I look at these meshiggenahs, I just have to shake my head. Have they really no fear?

Our Barak’le, who’s been waiting for the hamasniks to come out with a white flag, is becoming a little anxious about the way things are going in Goyza.

But with his small stones, this kleyne Dovid may be able to scratch a tank, though he can never topple our mighty Goliath or shoot down our American planes.

Even Santa can’t stop our holy celebration of extermination.

United Against Saint Hamas-Nic

meshuggenah – crazy, someone who is nuts
kleyn – small


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