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December 28, 2008

We Give Our Light to Gaza on Hanukkah Shabbat!

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Our leaders have delivered the ultimate gift to us on our celebration of light, Hanukkah Shabbat.

Finally the Jewish people have something to cheer for, while we watch the slaughter of the Gaza Hamasniks. And yet, was it really necessary for them to force us to waste their old people, their women, and their children?

It is a tragic comedy. The Hamasniks were taken completely by surprise. The last thing they expected was for us to rain death down upon them on our holiest of days.

Oy, but we must remember that Barak and Livni they are not real killers, unlike the arab terrorists. But because of the coming election, if they want to beat Bibi, they had no option but to prove to the people of Israel that they can kill arabs effectively. Nu shoin, politics is a lethal game.

With our American F-16 jets and Apache helicopters, we are destroying their police forces, their schools, their playgrounds, their mosques and their hospitals. And why do we do it? Not because we like it. It hurts us more than it hurts them. But they are forcing us to teach them a lesson.

And the whole world is standing by watching and keeping silent as the blood flows down the streets of Gaza, just as they did when we kicked them all out of Palestine in 1948.

We can do exactly what we like, including violating Lebanese luft space and setting off sonic booms over Lebanon en route to Gaza!

And once again our American brothers in Washington used their veto powers on Sunday to block a resolution calling for the end of the slaughter, and our Obambi’le, who is enjoying the surf in Hawaii with his family, had absolutely “no comment” to make!

Oy oy oy, and our Entebe hero, Ehud Barak, has promised that this is only the beginning of our Holy War, with thousands of troops preparing for the ground invasion to follow.

The stupid goyim really believe that Hitler was the ultimate monster, but thanks be to G_d, they fail to see that not even the Nazi yimachshmoinils went so far as to bomb the people trapped in their concentration camps!

United against the goyim


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