Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

December 17, 2008

No Metziah for Elie Wiesel

Oy gevalt, our humanist Elie Wiesel, who managed to survive the Shoa, is one of the many victims of this mishuggah gonif, Madoff.

Elie’le was bargaining on a groisse metziah, but instead he landed up with bupkis.

I am soi concerned for at least two reasons:

1. The Goyim may start to wonder why, if Elie is such an ethical human being, he gave all his gelt to such a no-goodnik swindler.

2. I am soi afraid that having lost all his gelt, Elie’le will also lose his faith in Jewish innocence. He may even stand up and throw his shoes at Madoff when he starts to understand where anti-Semitism comes from!

Oi ever, I have just seen this clip on Mary’le’s website, Palestine Shtick Tank, made by a Jordanian academy award winner, Mustafa Abu Fellini.

Obviously, even these islamofasicts can see that our Elie’le is a real mensch.

United Against Anti-Semitism

Bupkis (bup-kiss) – literally, beans. Colloquially, nothing. “You’re gonna sue me?! You know what you’ll get!!?? Bupkis!”

Gelt – gold, money

Gonif (gon-niff) – thief, dishonest person, embezzler, unscrupulous businessman

Goyim – the non-Chosen, the gentiles

Groisse – big, large

Metziah (metz-see-yah) – bargain, often used sarcastically. “They were having a sale on shoes, marked down from $800 to a mere $600. They call that a metziah? When they’re $25 a pair, then I’ll buy them!”

Menscha decent human being, a good, honest person who always takes the high road. Being called a mensch is the ultimate compliment.

Mishuggah (mish-shug-uh) – crazy, nuts, loony-tunes.

No-goodnik – a worthless piece of humanity.

Oy gevalt – an expression of dismay


  1. Auntie, what’s the problem?

    Our ‘No 1 Professional Victim’ is just an ordinary Jew like all of us.

    Comment by Anonymous — December 17, 2008 @ 8:57 am

    Certain trustees of the Charity decided that with the new Lottery money, the Centre should become just a charity. They, and this included most of the workers bar Tony, decided to try and eliminate the political and campaigning wing. They first decided to demand that Tony, as an employee, should not be a Director of the company, BUC Ltd. When that failed a worker who was later sacked, and who’d been a signatory of the ‘secret’ [Friends of Brighton Unemployed Centre] account decided to accuse Tony of corruption. Tony had already made a complaint about one of the charity trustees who had informed Tony one evening that he didn’t trust Jews with the funds! The same person then compiled a Report accusing Tony of theft and corruption and in December 1976, after having just returned from sick leave, on the basis of this report, Tony was suspended after the intervention of the Charity Commission and Council Officers.

    Months later, under legal pressure, a Council audit cleared him of any wrongdoing. But the result of this was that Lord Bassam and his cronies threatened to cut off funding for the Centre if BUC Ltd, the campaigning wing was not expelled. Trades Council representatives on the Management Committee were cut from 4 to 1. Tony was suspended after the intervention of the Charity Commission who took the side of the Right at the Centre. Later, after a formal complaint was made to the Local Government Ombudsman, we obtained internal Council documents that showed that the Council and the Charity had been working hand in glove to smash the political wing of the Centre.

    Comment by Who nicked my credit card? — December 18, 2008 @ 4:17 pm

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