Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

May 29, 2008

Comrades help ME! (It’s all about ME, after all)

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In the picture is the zayde of a very naughty boy.

Tante Zionushke is concerned that a few of the family members reading this might be confused. Confused? We don’t want ourselves confused, that’s not right, so I will explain for you.

First of all, family members, Mony’le and tRance can’t seem to decide if Wikispeedio is important or if it’s not. Who knows? Do you? I dunno, but I get confused and so if I do, I know you do too, my little bubelahs. They told me, but I know it too, I’m a healthy woman, it’s all about making sure that there is total control, and if that’s what ya have to use, ya use it, and so I know you do too.

Mony’le has been trained to sneer at anyone who uses Shwickypeedio as a source, (except when he’s using it, and that’s good, Mony’le… keeping them confused is what we need to do, swing back and forth… long as it’s them being confused, mein lieblein.) We saw that when he was doing his job on that dago yenta, (using the very kosher Aleph-Alef list … he changes its spelling so I don’t know what it is, but he says it’s all good and only our people are allowed on it, so I am for it, even if they are for a two states “solution”, and I hate that word! It sounds too much like final solution and now I feel sick in my stomach. Let me rest.

Oy, now I’m better. I had some Brioschi and can finish this letter to you all. Except for Mony’le and the yenta who like a big state in the holy land. The Alephoids (he used that word and it sounds alien to me, but I didn’t to study chemistry like he did, so I bow down to the wisdom that lies in the sheep’s skin) like the two states thing and that is wrong. We are all for one state, one state for all our people and this is what we are promised and it’s ours and this is why we talk about it all the time so that no one knows any more what does that mean! We are clever, and don’t you forget it!

So, Mony’le doesn’t like the Schiwikeepeedia, but tRance does like it so much he has a rented room there, and we know he’s an atheist Grandpa that likes the Jazz. We need to know these things, because family is important, but don’t tell G-d you don’t believe in him no more! He might really get back at you for it, tRancnik. Don’t even tell Inbarushke, because she believes you are the G-d and this is why she keeps to feed you nice things that she learned how to cook back in Isroel.

So, to wickey or not to wickey… you boychiks have to get yourselves on the same page. Then, keep doing what you do to distract. This is what you are there for to do.

But, what I feel sad about is tRance looking for the help in the Scots champagne people. Haggis is not kosher, tRance’le! It looks so bad to cry for help in public like that way for your own problems, when we have to do it one by one, email by email, phone call by phone call, cell by cell. What you doing to send a letter like that, that those who can’t stand you leak around? You look like the big crybaby of the year! What they have to do for you, those peoples? They have to stop all their propagandas for the Arab invaders of our holy land and then to do something special for you? tRance’le ya mossik! That isn’t good looking! You make the anti-semites to laugh at you.

It’s not about you, it’s about the land, the people, the freedom and our good names as a people, which you always remember to say you belong to. Don’t make them to laugh you out of the town! Wise up! This is a little good advice from me and you better listen up and be good, because you spend so much of time as it is with the jazz player’s Webby Page that maybe no body even goes to read it, and time is money.

United Against Racism!


  1. Oh Auntie Ziona, we love you here in America. Don’t you have a sister over here who you can send over to help us out?

    Wait! Never mind! We have thousands of mini AZ’s all over the place here, especially in the (so-called) “peace” movement and (even more so-called) “academia”. Along with completely stifling the anti-war movement, just look at this coup they pulled off seven years ago!!!,3858,4307083-102275,00.html

    Comment by american cousin — May 29, 2008 @ 2:10 pm

  2. Auntie,

    Rance was writing that Atzmon campaign is “clearly intended to destroy (his) political credibility”.

    I wonder what credibility is he on about?

    So I did my search…

    Did he write a book? Did he write a poem? Did he compose a symphony? Was he ever elected to any political body?

    I tried to find out some information on the net. All I could find was clear references to Roland Rance the Wiki Jew. Rance doesn’t have a life out of Wikipedia and even there is credibility is questioned.

    The man is a Sayan, and even a very active one, he was always a Sayan and he should be proud about it rather than trying to hide it.

    Auntie what do you think?

    Yoram Zeligstein

    Comment by Anonymous — May 29, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

  3. American cousin, I have a million of sisters in the neu welt, but they are busy cleaning up the mess that the chubby texas preacher made. There we were… I was tasting the victory right now, with everyone learning to hold their hands on their hearts and sing the Hatikva with tears in all their eyes, and then he goes and says this Hitler word! He can’t say that Name, the stupid! He has to say Nazi nazi nazi, because when you say you know what Hitler wanted, dear heart, they think you want what he wanted, the Americans are so dumb. Hagee wants what we want and there we let this catfish slip off the hook right when we were about to say that Isroel always comes first because the bible tells me so.

    So, you Americans are going to need to do some work to fix it. Who you want me to send? I got a second hand Melanie Philips here, and if she’s not ok, I can get Maccowboy out of the garage.

    let me know, I know ya need the help.

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — May 29, 2008 @ 6:10 pm

  4. Yoram, I dunno what political activities he talked about unless it was sticking up balloons at the Christmas Party that they threw down in Brighton. You know the one, where that mime slugged a handicapped kid on the ear and the kid lost hearing for days? Maybe it was something like that.

    Is poems politics? Oy you don’t need to tell me that! I write poems all day, so maybe Boris can find a place for me somewhere in his staff.

    But it’s not what he is, Yoram’le, it’s what he says he does and is that is all that we count. I still am so ashamed he had to ask all the goyim to fight for him and then dusted off the saying that Mony’le has been handing him. Which one of them read it, no one knows, but the crib sheet is getting tattered.

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — May 29, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

  5. Oh Auntie Z you’re right! We’re not moving fast enough for all the threats. They are coming faster these day, not just in the peace movement and dispensationalism but also in the world of fast food.

    We do have Michelle’le Malkin over here in the wilderness of North American but it took her at least 24 hours to accuse Rachael’le Ray of jihadisch fashion statement and bully Dunkin’ Donuts to cancel her advert. Not a good turn around time at all. Michelle’le needs help so please send over Melanie or whoever else you can spare asap!!

    Comment by american cousin — May 29, 2008 @ 9:30 pm

  6. I am curious, Rance spends hours and hours changing things on Wikipedia. I looked up a few sites that an Anti-Zionist who has that activism duty should be focused on: Zionism, Nakba, the protagonists of Zionism, Christian Zionism, Religious Zionism, Israel, etc….

    Seems that they are really in need of some input from the activists who can say that what we’ve been told is false (that it’s not racist, that being anti-Zionist is not equivalent to being anti-semitic, that it was a reaction to European anti-Semitism and lots more).

    He needs a purpose, but why fiddle around with topics that get ten readers a day when he can go for the big fish? HM, maybe because the way those pages are suits him just fine?

    Comment by mary — June 2, 2008 @ 10:42 am

  7. Mary’le, what do expect, tRacle is a Sayan, and so is Mony, Potty and all the rest.

    They are our brothers and sisters, they took the Goyim for a ride. But now it’s over.

    We urgently need new Sayanim. I hope Azmond will start to work for us sooner or later, because as far as I can see, he has managed to get deeper than all our celiger Bundists and the petty red gangsters.

    Oi, do you remember the neyokal’ch you sent me last week, Mony and Potty were sure they were my contemporary take on krepla’ch.

    For cosmopolitans they know very little about the world…

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — June 2, 2008 @ 11:29 am

  8. Please, Tante, don’t insinuate that we are in contact or anything. What would that do to my political credibility? I don’t have anyone in Glasgow to plead with, so I don’t know what you are talking about sending you. I am not even here now.

    By the way, while we’re on agents, did you see what I saw in the Times on Sunday, about the Tzipi? She was in Europe working for the Mossad when some Palestinian intellectuals were killed in Greece and Rome. Interesting that she doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, but she wants everyone to know she has a high IQ.

    Comment by mary — June 2, 2008 @ 12:11 pm

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