Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

May 28, 2008

tRance Pleads with the Left for a Political Response

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Oy Vey. Our man at Wikipedia, dear tRance’le, is falling apart and really starting to grasp at straws now.

My darling nephew, Mony Gripstein, just drew my attention to an appeal posted at his blog from tRance’le, where he gives credit to that horrible Gilad Atzmond for the beautiful video clips about tRancie, which my neighbour Tziga’le has spent months creating. Of course Tziga’le is very upset about tRancie’s ingratitide.

But not only that, tRancie is even appealing to all the schmucks on the Palestine Solidarity Movement to make some sort of a “political response” against Atzmond, who he believes is the creative genius behind these visual gems about our tRancie!! And he is besides himself with angst that they are all laughing at him, instead of responding to his appeal.

Seemingly, our favorite Sayan 007.01 Roland tRance is feeling the heat from every possible direction. Rumour has it that at a meeting of the Scottish PSC on Monday night, they reached a unanimous agreement that the SPSC will not endorse tRancie’s “abusive language” being posted on their discussion board. According to Mony’le, this cold-hearted decision was apparently made in response to our tRancie’s heartfelt e-mail to the Scottish PSC.

Nu Shoin, no one should be taken by surprise. The Scots do not love us at all.

Old Mrs Goldstein has promised to accompany tRancie to Doctor Schweinemann’s practise later today to see if his prescription can be changed a little bit, to help him get a grip.

If there is anyone out there who can help our tRancie deal with becoming famous and beloved to our Zionist brethren everywhere, please leave a comment or get in touch with us privately.
Oi ever, here is the comment from tRance’le on Mony’s site, with comments by me in Zionist Blue….

RRance said…
My dear comrades at azvsas, something terrible is happening to me…

I am SO upset. After opening my heart and posting on the Scottish PSC message board all my fears and angst about the YouTube videos making such a terrible exposure of my work at Wikipedia, they are ignoring me, and worse still, laughing at me. I appealed for their support, solidarity and a united political response from the Left….and instead I have become the joke of the Palestine Solidarity Movement.

The antisemitic piece of filth Gilad Atzmon has now gone beyond all reasonable bounds. He has posted scores of abusive videos about me on YouTube and elsewhere

Auntie Ziona says: It really hurts me and our Tziga’le to see that Azmond is being given credit for Tzigale’s cinematic talent.

, denouncing me as a Zionist and an agent of the Israeli Mossad.

Auntie Ziona says: Oi, tRancie, you are so confused, my little liebe…what is so wrong about being a Mossad agent?! Since you are operating as a Sayan, you should be proud about it… To us all, you are a real hero!

Some of them have even been posted under my own name.

Auntie Ziona says: This is not nice, but I am sure that this can be amended. Tziga’le was probably sure that as a Zionist Wikiman who operates under very many names and vandalises so many entries simultaneously, you would not have found the time to take care of YouTube posting, and he did not want you to feel left out when it came to the credits.

The videos are now being linked to and copied by hate sites across the world — for instance, by David Duke.

Auntie Ziona says: oi, this is indeed oi rible, do you mean David Duke, the right-wing Nazi devil, a real enemy of Zion? No wonder you are so upset, darlink tRancie. Oi vey, we have to do something about this!

Atzmon has also posted videos abusing other anti-Zionist Jews, including Tony Greenstein,

Auntie Ziona says: Surely you mean Mony Gripstein? I wonder why do they call him Tony, rather than Mony’le.

…Charlie Pottins and Mark Elf.

Auntie Ziona says: Oi, tRancie, it isn’t the stinky Atzmond, it is the beautiful Tziga’le, and as far as Ziona and the Ladies of Wizo were aware, we were actually praising all the work you had done for the Jewish Nation and Abe’le Foxman. And we always remember that you and Charlie and Elfie are all united against racism, which is so important for us.

This really leads one to question whose interest he is serving.

Auntie Ziona says: As far as Tziga’le is concerned, we know exactly who is it that he is serving, and so do you, my little liebe, since you are both serving the same master. For which we salute you.

But I don’t know how best to respond to this. I have contacted You Tube, whose response has been to “restrict” some of the videos — ie, to prevent anyone in Britain from viewing them.

Auntie Ziona says: Oi vey, this is no good at all because our tRancie believes in World Revoultion and he knows at least another two Jewish workers (also babysitters) over the sea.

But this is clearly not enough — the videos are libellous and maliciously false,

Auntie Ziona says: tRancie, do not go there my schatzie, why do you try to tell everybody that you don’t work for us?

…they damage my reputation wherever they are seen, and they could easily lead to physical threats against me.

Auntie Ziona says: From who, dear tRancie? Certainly not from the Mossad, who have nothing but praise for you. Your reputation as a Zionist Wikiman was already wonderful before Tziga’le took you under his wing… but now it is truly formidible. You should be happy for this.

And I spoke last night with Liz Davies, whose advice was basically that a libel action, even if successful, could cost thousands of pounds and ruin my life for several years.

In any case, a political response is needed here. Particularly since Atzmon is still taken seriously by parts of the left and the solidarity movement. Ths SWP maintains links with him (although for the first time in several years, he is not scheduled to take part in Marxism this year), and he spoke at a meeting of Exeter PSC last week. …So I am asking comrades for any advice about stemming and defeating this wave of vile personal, political and racist abuse which I am facing, I hope to start a discussion about how we oppose this tendency (of which Atzmon is the most egregious example, though unfortunately he is not alone), and I am appealing for your support and solidarity in confronting this harassment, which is clearly intended to destroy my political credibility……..

Auntie Ziona says: But tRancie, I think you are pulling our legs a little bit here, and I understand you do not want the Goyim to find out about your Wiki work for the Chosen People… but how can you give that Atzmond all the credit for building up your beautiful reputation with creative gems like these clips Tziga’le has spent so much time making? Tziga’le is sitting in tears here at my kitchen table, and asking me to beg you for the evidence that the creative genius behind the clips is that vile Atzmond. Can you please give explain to him why you are suspecting Atzmond, who as far as we know, is too busy making music and writing articles to help the Palestinians, and in any case does not have what it takes to produce cinematic work of such subtlety and grandeur.

Takhia Filastin!

Post script by Auntie Ziona: tRancie, the solution is for you to come with me and Mony to synagogue this Friday night. Come back to the stable, my sweet boy. Mrs. Goldstein’s daughter, Rachel, has offered to give you a lift so you do not have to walk there yourself in your present condition. United we will overcome.

United Against Racism!


  1. oy, Ziona, I can see tRancie’s dilemma here. On the one hand he is super-proud for the Ladies of Wizo and all of us Chosen People to be made aware once and for All about his fantastic achievements controlling what is written about people at Wikipedia, especially the vile enemies of Israel.

    On the other hand, tRancie has to preserve the identity he so carefully built up over decades, which is that he is an ANTI-ZIONIST who HATES Israel. If the Goyim editors at Wiki realise that he is one of our people there (since our infiltration of Wiki has unfortunately come out on the internet lately), he may be kicked off with a yellow star on his shirt sleeve. As we are all aware, the next Holocaust is lurking around the corner just waiting to happen.

    But in fact I think tRancie is being quite clever here, and Auntie Ziona, you should sit down and think about it for a while. tRancie knows without a doubt that it was Tziga’le who produced the videos, to show tRancie’s beautiful work for Zion at Wiki.

    But tRancie the genius is trying to KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE here. Just think about it. If he can pin the responsibility for those videos on Atzmond (and I am going to suggest to him that he includes Finkelstein and Jimmy Carter as cinematography suspects too), as well as convince the Goyim that he regards the video clips as being insulting anti-semitic, holocaust-denying, neo-nazi material, then he will have scored a double whammy.

    Maybe our tRance’le is more clever than he looks.

    Comment by Auntie Shelomi — May 28, 2008 @ 7:33 pm

  2. Editing at Wikipedia is a hobby as any other. He could have chosen to go through the various settlers, the Rabbi Kooks, the whole world of Zionists who actually claim proudly to be Zionists and have millions of followers and to bring out the information on them if he thought that Zionism was evil, as he claims he does. But, he has decided to focus on people who just spend a lot of energy writing and speaking in favour of Palestinians. They are supposed to be perfect in every way, and fulfil the idea Rance has of what is the way to be and how to exist…. If this is how the boy gets his fun, let him. This is his purpose in life and don’t rain on his charade.

    It is the raising of it to the core focus of his activities that is indeed worrying. I would totally ignore the nutter if it weren’t that I am dragged into their collective delirium with the slurs against me. They are about as relevant to anything as the colour of my hair.

    It would be better to ignore him, I imagine. Yet, his behaviour bears many signs of instability. For him to go on a rant calling anyone who he doesn’t like Anti-Semite is just a trick that the Zionists use, and he’d better get accustomed to the idea, if he doesn’t want people to think that he acts just like them, even if he claims he is their enemy. And… to prove these intense claims, he does the same cut and paste that the other elder does over and over again, coming up with some half-quotes taken out of context (and besides… if Jews had something to do with Jesus being killed is a historical issue and why he bothers with it so much is just really incredible in this day and age). What is really the most unsound thing, and certainly he is not clever enough to even be aware of it, is that he honestly expects an activist group to waste their time and do his bidding! It is an act of narcissim and self-importance that should become part of HIS Wikipage, if someone cared enough about his “reputation” to even bother with it!

    That he fears for his life is nothing less than hilarious! To make a claim like that, he should have something solid to go by. How in the hell is anyone going to take a claim like that seriously?? Who is threatening himP If he was such a danger to Zionists, why only now are they out for him? It’s not something you see every day, guys, so take note of the madness while it’s there.

    Comment by mary — May 28, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

  3. Indeed Auntie Ziona, I think it is very important that you sit Tziga’le down and have a heart to heart talk with him. Those video clips are brilliant and he deserves an Oscar for producing them.

    However, it is not in our interests to have the Goyim discover what tRancie has been up to at Wikipedia. Tziga’le will have to be big about this, shift his focus to some other work, and allow us to put out the info that it is Atzmond, Jimmy Carter, Finkelstein and maybe also Ilan Pappe working together to produce these video clips, in order to make our tRancie look like a mega-Zionist.

    We can even perhaps get the Ladies of Wizo to flood the internet with these suspicions, and add that there is reason to suspect the creative source is actually the late Yasser Arafat, channelling the information and inspiration through for the clips.

    You know the Goyim will believe anything.

    Comment by Isarig — May 29, 2008 @ 1:29 am

  4. This is a beautiful plan, Auntie Shelomi and Isarig. I agree we must support our Wiki colleague, come what may. He has dedicated many years to smearing the enemies of Israel at Wikipedia, and he deserves a break.

    I will do my bit at Wiki and elsewhere to make it known (especially to the stupid Goyim) that the people behind the video clips are Atzmond, Carter, Finkelstein, Pappe, and I think we should also add Mel Gibson to the list.

    And this way we kill quite a few birds with one stone!

    Comment by Avraham — May 29, 2008 @ 1:54 am

  5. Sorry for silly question but can u plz explaine me who is auntie simone ?

    if evil zionists’ are that powerful that they control Wikipedia, why they cant control Mony Greepstein ?

    Comment by anja — May 29, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

  6. We don’t know who is the Auntie Simone, but she rears her ugly head all the time and she is making all kind of trouble in the peace movements. If you know her, you avoid her!

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — May 29, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

  7. Anja what do you mean? Gripstein is a Zionist Sayan, the Zionist don’t want to control him, it is Gripstein who wants to be controlled.

    He used to operate as an ADL agent for UK left

    However,once being exposed as a petty criminal no one could take it seriously anymore. He is basically a burned Sayan like tRrance


    Comment by Anonymous — May 29, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

  8. Anja, maybe you want to join our march in Sweden next month. We are going to protest against Auntie Simones being allowed to operate in the government AND at Wikipedia.

    And yeah, Zionists control Wikipedia,(though we don’t consider them ‘EVIL”, we regard them as being cut from the cloth of G_d) are you pulling our legs or didn’t you know that, my dear?

    And what is your role in the mass movement towards one united Greater Israel, Land of Milk and Honey, Liebe?

    Comment by Schmanibuschka — May 29, 2008 @ 11:25 pm

  9. You left the best thing – the Buggerance blog at

    Comment by Anonymous — June 5, 2008 @ 1:14 pm

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