Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone

May 2, 2008

Julius vs. Gripstein

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I was really very concerned the other day when I read Julius’ article about Jewish anti-Zionism, Part One as well as Part Two!

Every Jewish anti-Zionist was mentioned: Ilan Papesh, Oren Ben Gore, Aki Vaor, Geraldine Rose, Bony Judt and even Goliath Azmond was there, presented as a leading figure, in spite of the fact that he unfortunately dropped out of our tribe.

So you want to know why I was really concerned? Nu shoin, I was worried because I was looking for my Mony’le, my little anarchist nephew. I was searching for his name and couldn’t even find a hint. In spite of the foict that for the last 30 years Mony’le has been purporting to be a “Jew against Zionism”, together with tRance and Potty (who is a little too frightening to link to).

Julius was so cruel not to even mention them once. It is true that no-one really likes to be associated with Mony’le because of his past, but Julius could have said just a word or two to acknowledge Mony’le’s futile effort. Julius should have known that words do not cost money – what a slap in the face!

To be snubbed by Princes Di’s lawyer must have hurt my Mony’le (always a secret royalist at heart), but perhaps he will call on tRancie and Potty to picket with him outside the Supreme Court next time Julius is having a big case. Mony loves a good picket, and it keeps him occupied, always a good thing. As my bubbe used to say, an idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

Between the Jews of us, it was very stupid of Julius to admit that Mony’le and his two pals are working for us at the Anti Z-mite Hunting Department. At the end of the day, a man has to make a living, and for a Marxist Jew, Judaism is not a religion, but an occupation.

Mony’le, you said today “There are a few people who have illusions that…. Gilad Atzmon is an anti-Zionist.”

You are right, my Mony’le – they are called Goyim, and we don’t like them at all.

United Against Racism


  1. Auntie, I really love the graphic? This is becoming a very wild blog. How many are you? Is Spielberg involved?
    When are you going to launch? people should know about it before Mony closes you down.

    Comment by Anonymous — May 3, 2008 @ 9:04 am

  2. Och Anony, Mony’le loves to take credit for closing blogs down, but to tell the truth, he is just the grime under a finger nail at the end of the arm of Big Brother. As my bubbe used to say, fleas are not lobsters.

    Comment by Auntie Ziona — May 3, 2008 @ 10:06 am

  3. I think that you should not underestimate Mony (assuming that Mony and Tony are the same person). The entire Palestinian solidarity movement (worldwide) stood up against your nephew . They all asked him to leave the building and never to show his face again.

    To date, not a single person within the movement supported him publicly.

    So, auntie, he cannot be be a mere flea. He is actually regarded as a uniquely revolting sayan by so many of us (read for yourself):

    Adib S. Kawar, Nazareth, Palestine – Beirut, Lebanon, Activist, writer and translator
    Walid Halabi, France-Italy
    Arab Abdel-Hadi PMWATCH, Ansar Al-Quds. LEBANONVIEW, Free Palestine and others
    Malak Abdel-Hadi, Palestinian living in Dubai
    Shahira Mehrez, Egyptian living in Cairo, Egypt
    Paola Pisi, Italy,
    Ismail Zayid, Canada,
    Nizar Issa, London, UK , Musician
    Nadia Hasan, Chile,
    Dr Sadek Pharaon MD, Syria
    Oren Ben Dor, UK
    Manuel Talens, Spain,
    Dima Hamdan, London, UK, Journalist
    Iqbal Tamimi, Exiled Journalist Network UK, A Palestinian journalist and poet,
    Samir Daoud – Akka Palestine – residence: Beirut Lebanon
    Nadia Daoud – Akka Palestine – Residence: Beirut Lebanon
    Hala Kawar Nazareth, Palestine – Residence – Beirut Lebanon
    Wajih Freij Jerusalem, Palestine – Residence: Beirut Lebanon
    Lamia Kawar Nazareth, Palestine – Residence – Beirut – Lebanon
    Ibrahim Kawar Nazareth, Palestine – Residence – Beirut – Lebanon
    Fausto Giudice, Zapatist Alliance for Social Liberation, France,
    Ginette Hess Skandrani, Zapatist Alliance for Social Liberation, France,
    Wael Al Saad, Dusseldorf-Germany. PYN Coordinator-Germany Palestinian Community Dusseldorf Board,
    Dr Hajo G. Meyer, Heiloo, the Netherlands, survivor of Auschwitz, writer, physicist, lute maker
    Mauro Manno, Italy , professor, writer, translator
    Manuela Vittorelli, Italy,
    Diego Traversa, Italy, writer, translator
    Vicente Romano, Spain, writer
    Carlos Sanchis, Spain
    Nancy Harb Almendras, United States, Germany
    Zuhair Nafa, Palestine
    Raja Chemayel, The Hague, Netherlands,
    Theodore D. Turner, Brooklyn, New York
    Kristoffer Larsson, Sweden,
    Ellen Rohlfs, Germany, German-Palestinian Society and Gush Shalom
    Hergen Matussik, Germany
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    Cristina Santos, London, UK
    Rocio Anguiano, Spain
    Sigge Andersson, pre-med student, Sweden
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    Abdullah Husain, Palestine by birth, KSA, India by life accident
    Wendy Campbell, California, USA, MarWen Media,
    Peter Brooke, UK,
    Daniel McGowan, Geneva, NY, Exec. Director, Deir Yassin Remembered,
    Debbie Brown, Hacienda Heights, California USA
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    Redress Information & Analysis, London, UK
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    Ragnar B. Johannessen, Norway,
    Annie Selden Annab, USA,
    Jim Leven, UK, PSC member
    Javier Fernndez Retenaga, Spain
    Shaukat Khawja, Toronto, Canada Profession: Engineer
    Volker M., Canada
    Lina Abu Baker, London, UK, Poet
    Brenda Heard, UK, Friends of Lebanon,
    Letizia Tessicini, Orte, Italy
    Simon R-Levin, Manchester, UK
    Paloma Valverde, Spain, member of CEOSI
    Sarah Stevens, UK
    Ralph Pinner, UK
    Inge Soder, Germany
    Sarah Gillespie, London, UK, musician
    Adriano Mencarelli, Roma – Italy
    Diego Ianiro – Caserta, Italy, of Khalas Napoli –
    Francesca Longhi- Bergamo, Italia
    Antonio Corraine – Aosta, Italy
    Stuart Cary Welch – USA
    Haitham Sabbah, Tulkarm, Palestine/Bahrain, blogger,
    Latuff, Rio De Janiero, Brazil, Cartoonist,
    Nureddin Sabir, London, UK, Editor of Redress Information & Analysis
    Steve Amsel, Jerusalem-Al Quds, blogger,
    Lasse Wilhelmson, Sweden
    Richard Jones, Swansea, Wales,
    Einar Schlereth, Sweden, Journalist
    Karaiskos Kostas, Komotini, Greece, ANTIFONITIS director,
    Adeline Rec, N/A
    Alex Tarradellas, Catalonia
    Nuria lvarez, Spain
    Guillermo F. Parodi, Paraguay, Universitary Professor
    Dennis Zackrisson, Uppsala, Sweden
    Mark Roland, Eugene Oregon, USA
    Robert Wagner, Italy
    Graham Derrick, West Yorkshire, UK
    Gabriele Repaci, Milano, university student
    Emmanuel St John, London, UK
    Sami Joseph, UK
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    Jeffrey Blankfort, California, USA
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    Emanuela Borrelli, Italy
    Rachel Bridgeland, UK
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    Riccardo Di Vito, Roma, Italia – Campo Antimperialista,
    Wilhelm Langthaler, Vienna, Austria, Anti-imperalist Camp,
    Camilla Rahm, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Nahida Izzat,Palestine/ Jerusalem Poetry for Palestine,
    Maurizio Neri, Rome, Italy, Editor Magazine of Politics and Philosophy, “Comunismo e Comunit”
    Nicolas A. Sayegh – Laval, Quebec, Canada, Columnist
    Asad Khan, Manchester, UK: doctor and blogger,
    Ali Mallah, Canadian Peace Alliance, Canadian Arab Federation,
    Khaled Mouammar, Toronto, Canada, National President, Canadian Arab Federation,
    Gonzalo Barona, Caceres, Espana
    Nicole Hille-Priebe, Germany
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    Caty R., Spain
    Christine Mihil Sharp – London, UK;
    Emanuela Di Piramo, Italia
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    Paul Eisen – Director (UK) Deir Yassin Remembered
    Akram Awad, Palestinian blogger in the UK,
    Daniel Alba, writer/musician, USA
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    Agustin Velloso, Madrid – Spain
    William Buttrey, Southern California, USA
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    Mireille RUMEAU, from ISM-France
    Colin Pritchard, UK
    kim petersen, korea, co-editor,
    Juan-Antonio Julin, Bruselas
    Mahmud Said Hamad – Italy
    Arlene L. Johnson, Publisher/Author
    Jeff Spencer, Bristol, UK, Musician
    Agostino Sanfratello, Beyrouth, Lebanon
    Karin Maria Friedemann, Boston, Massachusetts,Editor, World View News Service,
    Gianfranco La Grassa, Conegliano, Italy, Economist
    Mondher Sfar, Collectif de la Communaut Tunisienne en Europe, Paris, France
    Mireille Delamarre
    Ann El Khoury; Sydney, Australia,
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    Antonia Cilla Ortega, Spain
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    Abdelfattah Abu-Srour, PhD. Director of Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center, Bethlehem – Palestine,
    Aymen JEMNI, Engineer and PhD Student – Barcelona – Spain
    Chafik HBILA, doctorant en sociologie, France
    Atenea Acevedo, Interpreter, translator, activist, Active member of Babels, Tlaxcala and Rebelin, Mexico City, Mexico
    Sandrine Corten, Bruxelles, Bloggeuse :
    Charles Beillard, France,
    Alan ‘Masher1’ Reid, USA, Wake up from your Slumbers Blog, Melted238
    Nadjiam Saoudi, France
    Ada KRONFLI, Adhrente ; 1. Association France Palestine Solidarit, ( France), 2. Association des Palestiniens en France (France), 3. CAPJPO- EURO PALESTINE ( France)Catherine de Crombrugghe, Charleroi, Belgium Djanet Mokrani, France
    Anika Persiani, Firenze, biologa, “Sumud”
    Frédric Herr, Strasbourg, France, etudiant
    Dr Francis Clark-Lowes, founder and organiser of Invitation to Learn, member and ex-chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and member United National Association (UK)
    Sami Sabaana, Switzerland
    Boualem SNAOUI, Paris France
    Paul de Rooij, writer/economist, London
    Sarah Marshall, N/A
    Thomas Bischoff, Strasbourg, France
    Saidi Nordine, Mouvement Citoyen Palestine, Bruxelles – Belgique,
    William Ross, Canada
    Snorre Lindquist, Architect, Sweden
    Ben Heine
    Franck Hirsbein, France
    Sabina Paolini, Abruzzo, Italy
    Moura Nouara, Caen (FRANCE), association Kultures
    Elisa Davinca – Vienna/Austria –
    Leonardo Mazzei, Italy, Gaza Vivrà
    veronique roudil, marseille, france
    Nadim Mahjoub, London,
    Rubén Kotler – Historiador, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, De Igual A Igual
    Simone Maggiolo, Italy
    Julieta Obedman, Argentina
    Palestinian Refugee Portal
    Dr Yassar NAFA, Doctor, UK
    Lydia Lauks, political communication officer, UK
    Keny Arkana, Marseille – France, Collectif AASV
    Omar Khamoun, New Zealand
    Raymond Richa, France
    Toni Solo, Nicaragua
    Reham Alhelsi, Jerusalem, Palestine
    David Nir, Israel
    Maria Grazia Da Costa Lucca, Italy, Campo Antimperialista

    Comment by Anonymous — May 3, 2008 @ 12:23 pm

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